Injured Reserve

Over the course of my climbing career, I’ve discovered a plethora of ways to injure myself. Off the top of my head, I’ve sprained an ankle, ruptured the A2 and A3 pulleys in my middle finger, dealt with elbow tendonitis on several occasions, injured my wrist twice, developed bursitis in my heel twice, crushed my foot under a boulder, screwed a foot jib into my thumb, caught my hair in a grigri, and tweaked every finger on both hands more times than I can count. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I’ve not been seriously injured.

Currently I am dealing with the second round of bursitis in my heel, which has kept me from wearing a climbing shoe on my left foot for the last month. At the very least, the weather hasn’t been the greatest and I don’t think I’m missing too much time at the boulders, but not being able to climb to the degree I’m accustomed to is frustrating. If we were to take the optimistic view, time away from climbing means more time for other activities. Yes, there are other things besides climbing that I like to do. Weird.

Image(if my optometrist is reading this, I don’t usually sit so close to the screen…)

My Madden ’11 franchise is in its sixth year now with two Super Bowl titles under its belt. I’ve been taking my dogs on longer walks and preparing my fantasy baseball team for the upcoming season. I watched the entire run of Futurama episodes and movies. Even though I can’t climb, I’ve been utilizing the campus board, rings, and fingerboard at RJ1 to maintain a baseline of fitness. Jamie (aka JG, aka nomadinrifle) and I have worked up quite the training regime so that, when the time comes, we can ‘send the proj, bro.’

The point is, I’m not climbing and the world hasn’t ended. I think it’s important to take vacations, even if the thing you are taking a vacation from would be considered by most people to be a vacation. And while it’s not the greatest being injured, I appreciate the opportunity to invest time in other things, and in the end I’m only reminded how much I enjoy climbing.

So if you can’t climb, for whatever reason, despair not. The day will come. In the mean time, do something else! I’ll take all comers in a Madden playoff…