Five Quetions: Corey C.

1) What’s up with that scar on you head? I hear it was work related…

I wasn’t quite satisfied with my “mean look.”  I felt as though the bald head and scowl were not enough when frightening small children so I took a bolt from the gym and dragged it down my melon.  So, it, ah, just goes to show you, uh, shouldn’t, you know, ummm, believe everything you hear…….

2) What are your views on Lando Calrissian? Hero of the New Republic or nefarious traitor?

That is an interesting question and one that would need significantly more time and space to answer than this forum allows.  That being said, Lando, for all his vaunted independence, still cooperated with the Empire and was thus a great asset.  He is certainly a traitor to the Empire.  And what was with him not knowing if Luke would survive the freezing process?  You know a brotha practiced that crap on his little hogface dudes.

3) Not to mention he blew up the second Death Star pretty much by himself. As an EMT, how often do you take advantage of ambulance privileges for personal benefit?

No comment.  Okay, I quadrapark, but that’s it!  I swear.

4) I suppose I’m obligated to ask at least one climbing-related question, so here goes: what are your goals when you set routes?

My goal is to set a route that challenges climbers at the level they are at through technique, power, and endurance.  I like to emphasize footwork while creating a fun and, hopefully, memorable route.  I would love for R & J climbers to become better through climbing my routes.

5) And finally, who is your favorite Ghostbuster?

That’s like asking what my favorite beer is.  There may not be the same variety, but the choice is equally as difficult.  I suppose I most identify with Ray:  passionate, impulsive, and loves Sta-Puft marshmallows.

Editor’s note: Yes, those are Star Wars Lego toys. No, there is nothing weird about that.