Five Questions: Brian Y.

1) What’s the top speed of your motorcycle?

The speedometer says it is 150mph but I have only gotten it to 105mph myself.  I have a feeling it could reach that without too much trouble.
What do you say, Rylan, want to drag race your Nissan?

2) Ehh, I might have to pass on that. To save you the embarrassment of losing, of course. I’ve heard a rumor that you’ll only climb things you can do in sandals. Is this true?

Yes and No.  Last July I got burned out on climbing and haven’t been doing much since then.  These days about the only climbing I get in is at work while safety checking the auto-belay devices or a quick run at one of the new bouldering league routes.
I have been getting the urge to start climbing again but school and work seem to be taking up all my free time these days.  Who knows, you may see me in the gym soon with actual climbing shoes on.  Until then, Chaco or Sanuk sandals are my climbing shoe of choice.

3) Word on the street is you’re back in school. What are you studying?

I am.  I recently started back pursuing a degree in Graphic Design with a concentration on Web Design.  (Shameless plug)  If anyone needs an intern let me know, I am looking for a position.

4) How tall are you, really?

6′ 4″ with a +3″ ape index.  I don’t know what everyone complains about at the gym. I have never found a reachy route.  Strange?!?!

5) Not at all. Back to the motorcycle for a minute. How badly do you want to have a semi truck that you could drive your bike into/out of at high speeds?

Whoa!! How did you know about that dream?  Well, I guess it isn’t that surprising since probably every guy has had that thought at one time or another while driving down the highway.

Indeed they have. Indeed they have.


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