Five Questions: Sara G.

Sara answers all the questions.

1) What’s the deal with the mustaches?

Sometimes when I sit in front of the tv I sew, and I just started sewing mustaches. Once I stated making them I thought they were funny. My goal is to make owls with mustaches.

2) You’re traveling to Haiti soon. What will you be doing there?

I am traveling to Titanyen, Haiti to help at an orphanage and help with their sewing project called 3 Cords. 3 Cords gives amputee women a trade and income by teaching them how to sew. Hopefully I’ll also be able to work a bit with the American Red Cross’ international team while I’m in Port-Au-Prince.

3) You’re vegetarian, but I heard a rumor that you eat turkey on Thanksgiving. What gives?

That is none of your business.

4) You’ve said you like to make things from scratch; what’s the one thing you’d like to make the most?

Umm… a crashpad? No… I’m not sure. I like the idea of looking at something and thinking “I could make that”. A coat… a pair of shoes… I like thinking that I don’t have to depend on someone else to fashion what might fit my style. Instead I can create it on my own.

5) Given the amount of shirtless dudes in the bouldering cave every night, how do you manage the “intense creepiness” of muscles?

I’m not gonna lie, it’s really hard. Sometimes, I can’t manage. I have to hide in the rental closet. Muscles are not meant to be flashed around. They are made to cause the locomotion of an organism or movement of internal organs (and creep me out).

Hopefully those of you with crippling mustachephobia can get past her ‘stache, because behind that blue marvel is a charming, kind soul worthy of a few minutes chit-chat time.