Fast Track to Fitness

Every Tuesday and Thursday night at RJ1, you may hear noises coming from the third floor ranging from ground shaking crashes to an occasional “Aaaaarp!” or the treadmill on full blast.  Those aren’t sounds of us torturing poor souls who forget their RJ ID cards.  It’s the sounds of normal people like you getting stronger.

The workout goes like this – two sets of four exercises performed for 30 seconds for four rounds with a nice rest between sets.  The exercises for one of the nights last week was:

1st Round – jump rope, lawn mowers, weight snatch and jack knife sit ups.

2nd Round – sprint on the treadmill, jump lunges with weight, turkish get ups and one arm planks.

Please enjoy the following videos of Chrispy leading Kylie, James and Kai in a few exercises.

Round 1

Round 2

As you can see, the exercises are obviously challenging.  But if you have a physical limitation or you are simply not strong enough to do any given station, Chrispy will modify the station for you and help you develop your strength, coordination and stamina at your own pace.

We run two circuit training sessions twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at RJ1 with Chrispy and two sessions once a week at RJ2 with Dan on Wednesdays.  The times are at 6:30 & 7:00pm, four people maximum in each group and it’s only $5 plus entry.  Get on board and get in shape so that your next New Year’s Resolution can be ‘flash 5.12’ or ‘eat more ice cream’.


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