Summer Camp Recap

Each summer we run 3 different types of Summer Camps for kids.  The first 2 levels spend a week working on learning safe belaying techniques, knot tying, basic climbing footwork, and other climbing techniques.  You would be amazed at the mileage these kids put in over 5 days.  Our summer camps culminate with our indoor/outdoor camp.
The indoor outdoor camp spends the first 2 days indoors learning about the differences between indoor and outdoor climbing.  They talk about things like anchors, general trail and climbing etiquite, using a grigri, rock falls, and how to stay calm when you cannot figure out your sequence, etc.  For the remainder of the week, the kids spend 5 hours outside baking in the sun but having a great time at areas such as Table Mountain and Castlewood Canyon.  This year the kids bravely battled 90+ degree days with little complaint.  They climbed with determination in spite of the oppressing conditions.  Assuming they keep that “try hard” level up, we look forward to seeing some exciting things from these kids.
Now that our summer camps are over, we will be starting our Youth Programs back up at the end of the month.  Kids Can Belay Too (8-11 year olds) will kick off on Friday August 20th and our Youth School (12-18 year olds) festivities will commence the week after on Wednesday August 25th.  For more information, call 303-climb99.  Class sizes are limited, so call and reserve your space today.

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