Question: What’s a Moon Board when it’s at home?

Answer:  It’s a training wall.  We’ve put one up on the 3rd floor at RJ1.

Essentially, a Moon Board is a set of holds that you buy from Moon Climbing and arrange on a wall in a very specific pattern in order to create boulder problems that Ben Moon considers to be a standard for the grade.  They have several different arrangements that can be used with the same holds so you can change your Moon Board periodically and have fresh new boulder problems to work on.  Be warned, the problems are a bit sandbagged by our standards, but don’t let that discourage you.  A Moon Board gives you the opportunity to train and climb on the same exact problems that some of the world’s top climbers have trained on before you.

Here’s a link for more history on Ben Moon:

And one for further explanation on the board:



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