Christopher Palmer Pratt – Setter and Strength Trainer

While we are sad to see the Pizem’s go, we are equally excited that Chris Pratt (affectionately referred to as Chrispy) will be running our circuit training on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  You may have met him in the boulder already, but in case you haven’t, he wrote a little something about himself for you:

I was born in De Smet, SD but have lived in the suburbs of Denver since I was two. After graduating from Northglenn High School in 2007 I worked a few jobs here and there when I got introduced to climbing. I was hooked instantly after a few visits to ROCK’n & JAM’n and a mind blowing experience in Eldorado canyon. I took to climbing very quickly. I climbed at ROCK’n & JAM’n for two hours a session three to five days a week working the problems till my bones were bruised. Flapper after flapper, move after move I worked my way into more difficult problems.

After a about two years of building my love for climbing, R&J’s head route setter, Brendan Aiken, asked if I had an interest in setting for them. The flexibility of the schedule couldn’t have been better for school and the opportunity to learn more about the sport was more than enough. My first position at R&J was “hold refurbishing and conditioner”. In spring of 2009 I started setting routes full time. My skill in route setting slowly developed and, over time, I believe to have become a fairly adept setter. I was recently involved in a setting clinic lectured by Chris Danielson, a well venerated setter from Boulder, CO, and he has set for comps all over for regionals and nationals. Some of my biggest structural thoughts about climbing and setting really changed with what he had to show and say.

R&J always offers a very welcoming atmosphere and a strong community of climbers from all different levels of experience. Watching people grow and develop from the problems and routes we set has made quite a positive impact on my life – one that I hope to see continually grow. For the last few months, Rob and Jane Pizem have been running a training and conditioning program through the gym at a very fair price ($5 for 30 minutes). They will be relocating next month due to new job opportunities and will no longer be able to run the training classes. I have been working with Rob and Jane closely and will be taking over the circuit training from now on. This style of training is a terrific way to get stronger and climb harder.  I’ve personally seen myself and others gain leaps and bounds in climbing through circuit training and I’m eager to help others realize their full potential in climbing.

Come check out Chrispy’s circuit training – 6:30 & 7:00pm at RJ1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Only $5 will get you in shape and climbing stronger.  Check it out!


Dan Gambino Photography on Display at RJ1

We have a new photographer on display at RJ1 – Dan Gambino!

His incredible photography will be gracing our walls for the rest of July.  Here’s the 411 on Dan:

Dan Gambino Bio

All pictures are for sale, we have a price list at the desk – just ask any of our counter staff if you’re interested.  Check out more of his work at

Ladies Night at RJ

The ladies have been crankin’ at both gyms!  If you haven’t checked it out, our Ladies Night is every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm at both gyms.  In this hour and a half we aim to encourage one another, develop our skills and crush as many routes and problems as we can.  The only cost is entry into the gym and no experience is necessary!!  An evening of fun, friendly, female fortified climbing awaits you!