Photography Display at RJ1

We’ve begun showing different work from local artists at RJ1, and our first artist is Susan Winn.  Following is a short bio and description of the work we have up right now.

I began studying photography in 1999 and received my B.F.A from the
University of Colorado at Denver in 2004 and my M.A in 2008 from Adams
State College.  I am currently doing freelance photography as a wedding
and portrait photographer and I am studying for the PLACE test, to teach art.

I work at Starbucks Coffee Company as a Shift Supervisor and I am the Art Coordinator for our store.  I am active in the art community and earlier this year had a successful show at Flash Gallery in Lakewood called Pin-Up’s.  I have received many art awards such as the Teaching Assistantship and have received an Art Grant from ASC.

This particular group of flower portraits are part of the series called “Capturing a Smaller World.”  These photographs are to demonstrate the beauty of the world around us.  Often we are too busy to notice the smaller things in life.  If we do notice them we are unable to have time to enjoy these wonders of the world and are left we a mild feeling of their beauty.

These images we are able to look at the flower closer and see what they
really are. We are able to absorb the flowers and get a sense of what we
are missing.  The feeling will never be the same at that moment we first
encounter the flowers of our life, but possible having captured these
images of them, we are able to recreate some of that beauty and feelings
we would have felt encountering the flowers for the first time.  I believe
Georgia O’Keefe, who is a strong influence in this art work said it best
when she said: “Everyone has many associations with a flower-the idea of
flowers.  Still-in a way-nobody sees a flower-really-it is so small-we
haven’t the time-and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”

All of Susan’s photos are for sale, just ask our counter staff if you would like to purchase one.  You can also contact Susan through her website  We hope you enjoy them!


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